Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge in 24 hours / 3 days


3 Peaks Challenge Mini Bus Hire

The 3 Peaks Mini Bus Hire is proud to deliver all elements and aspects of the 3 Peak Challenge transport logistics in what we believe is the safest and most professional way available. At a first glance, the 3 peak challenge sounds relatively easy. Let there be no misunderstanding, it’s extremely difficult. It doesn’t simply rely on your personal fitness but also on careful organisation, good co-ordination, transport, competent driving, good understanding how difficult the 3 peaks challenge is, the need for good teamwork, strategy and passion. Embarking to achieve and succeed starts with the right transport company and you simply won’t get better than The 3 Peaks Mini Bus Hire to deliver that to you.

Do you feel you’re up for the 3 peaks challenge a total of 480 miles, 24 miles of hard trekking, some during darkness and wind wet weather climbing a total of 24 miles.


Makes you shiver just at the thought of the 24 hour challenge or 3 peaks in 3 days challenge everyone will feel a sense of achievement. With our transport expertise you can trust us to take care of the whole complex logistical organisation of your event so you can get on with training and physical preparation.


Most of the laws applicable to a 3 Peaks Challenge relate to the transport and are imposed for the safety of everyone. Some companies make every effort to ‘beat’ the law but The 3 Peaks Mini Bus Hire is proud to both agree and comply fully with it; because we want to be as safe as possible.


Transporting teams the 480-mile journey between mountains as quickly as possible is stressful on the driver. VOSA have given legislation on journeys of this type. For example, driver breaks must be taken, after driving for 4.5 hours a brake of 45 minutes and changes are strategically integrated into every 24 hour challenge and the typical itineraries below have accounted for these.


Whoever you choose to provide your transport, even it may be yourself driving, must not underestimate the importance of transport and make sure you are as safe as possible at all times. Ask your transport provider or appointed driver for their clear, written intentions of how they will both maximise safety and comply with the law.


Ben Nevis 1,344 mts 16 kms 5 1/2 Hours
Scafell Pike 978 mts 10 kms 4 1/2 Hours
Snowdon 1,085 mts 11 kms 4 Hours



The 3 peaks minibus hire: prides itself on the quality of its vehicles that will include most of the following:


16-full-size passenger seats
Large trailer
Walking boot box
Pole shelf
CD/PA/MP3 sound system



The 3 peaks minibus hire is fully insured in all aspects of the TRANSPORT part of your event. It does not hold OFF VEHICLE or EVENT insurance in any way and is not responsible or insured for any other elements of your event except transport.



Each event starts with a pick up from Manchester, Piccadilly Train Station. This means we offer pick up points from the following locations:
Anywhere on the M61, M6, M74 and A82 between Manchester and Fort William.
Manchester Piccadilly Station (approximately 9:30 am)
Glasgow International Airport (approximately 3pm) (Not Prestwick Airport)
If based in the South of the England we recommend you fly to Glasgow International Airport and on return from Manchester either by flying or train. This saves a lot of time travelling in the minibus.



Anywhere on the A55 and M56 between Snowdonia and Manchester
Manchester Airport
Manchester Piccadilly Station
(If required, alternative pick up and drop off points can be discussed on request.)

Departure times on the Friday morning, the day before the event, will be at 9:30am. Drop offs, between Snowdon and Manchester, on the Sunday will be roughly early afternoon. If you are making your own way to Fort William for the start of your Challenge you should arrive on the Friday afternoon in time for the evening briefing and to be ready for the start of the Challenge the next day.